ULVAC Vietnam Representative Office

Small Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump GLD Series

Small Oil Vacuum Pump GLD series features high perfomance, low vibration and noise and several functions such as ballast valve, oil-back-flow prevention mechanism, and large sized oil level gauge. This series equips multi-voltage motor and correspondent to international standard.


  • The two-stage exhaust system has lower pressure (good vacuum) than the one-stage exhaust system.
  • Low noise and low vibration.
  • The backflow prevention mechanism prevents oil from flowing back to the vacuum chamber when it is stopped due to a power failure.
  • The exhaust speed is stable due to the installation of the forced oil supply mechanism.
  • Operation from atmospheric pressure is possible.
  • Easy connection by internal components knock pins and maintenance by flange motor.


  • Chemical, science experiment, Analyzer and Laser system.
  • Backing pumps for the electronic microscope.
  • Semiconductor equipments, sputtering equipments, vacuum evaporation equipments.
  • Vacuum dryer, freeze dryer.