ULVAC Vietnam Representative Office

Mechanical Booster Pump PRC Series

By using together with dry vacuum pumps, oil rotary vacuum pumps or water-sealed vacuum pumps, mechanical booster pumps can increase pumping speed in the range between 10kPa to 0.1 Pa, where roughing pump pumping speed drops.


  • Oil-free
    No oil in the pump casing, results in stable performance even when evacuating water vapor or solvent vapors.
  • Canned motor
    Using of canned motor could avoid using mechanical seal between atmosphere and vacuum. It can be used in clean environment without oil leak concern.
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistant Surface Treatment
    Anodic oxide coating for surface hardness and corrosive resistance on main parts can prevent scratch and corrosion inside the pump. Nonsurface treatment can be selected as option.
  • Atmospheric Pressure Start type for Shorter Evacuation Type (Option: Inverter)
    This type can shorten pumping time compared with standard type because the pump starts at the same time of roughing pump.


  • Evaporation, sputtering, ion plating,Vacuum dryer, freeze dryer, vacuum degassing
  • Analytical instruments, leak test system,Gas exchange, filling, vacuum insulating
  • Heat treatment, melting furnace
  • Other various kind of vacuum system


Maximum pumping speed50Hzm3/h(L/min)280(4670)500(8330)1000(16700)1500(25000)
Maximum suction pressure50HzPa1.2 x 1031.3 x 1031.2 x 103
60Hz9.3 x 1021.1 x 1039.3 x 102
Maximum allowable differential pressure50HzPa4.0 x 1037.3 x 1034.3 x 103
60Hz3.3 x 1036.0 x 1033.2 x 103
Ultimate pressure *1Pa4.0 x 10-16.7 x 10-1
Allowable drive pressurePa~1.0 x 105(atmospheric pressure start type)
Motor *2kW0.75(2)2.2(2)3.7(2)5.5(2)
Oil *3ULVOIL R-4
Oil quantityL0.71.51.9
Cooling methodWater cooling
Cooling waterPrimary side pressureMPa0.3
Inlet/outlet differential pressure VolumeMPa0.01<
Inlet/outlet differential pressure VolumeL/min23
Temprature *45 ~ 30
Inlet port JIS-B-2290VG80 / ISO80F(optional)VG80(optional)VG150(optional)
Outlet port JIS-B-2290VF80(optional)VF100(optional)
Weight totalkg5186118150
Standard roughing pump *5VD601VD901VS1501VS2401
Optionaladapter flange, atmospheric pressure start type (Inverter), lubrication oil, lubrication chamber evacuation

*1 Measured by Pirani vacuum gauge. It will be about 4.0 x 10-2Pa when measured by MacLeod vacuum gauge.
*2 AC200V (50Hz/60Hz), AC220V (60Hz), 3Phase. Other voltage is available upon request.
*3 Synthetic (R-7000) or fluorine oil (J25F) is selectable as option
*4 Please use it in the environment of no be dewy when the temperature of cooling water is low.
*5 erformance of these pumps could change depending on roughing pump. Above data is based on standard roughing pump.