Procurement Policy


1/ Compliance with laws and regulations

The ULVAC Group conducts ít corporate activities lawfully and in accordance with regulations, social norms, and public decency.

We fully comply with the relevant laws and regulations


2/ Maintaining and promoting fair and free competition

We maintain and promote fair, impartial, and free competition among our business partners regardless of the country in which they are located

We do not take advantage of our business partners by demanding unfair transactions.


3/ Healthy and good relationships with business partners and affiliates

ULVAC enforces strict security measures with regard to individuals who share in or gain unfair enrichment in commercial transactions inside or beyond the Group. Our directors and employees carry out appropriate decision making and exercise moderation to avoid damaging the Group’s reputation.


4/ Advancing global procurement

We optimize our components procurement from worldwide sources, while always keeping pace with our global business operation

Based on our international perspective, we cooperate with our business partners in different countries to procure superior components, technologies, and services.


5/ Advancing green procurement

ULVAL recognizes that protecting the global environment is one of the momentous challenges posed to all humankind. In all its business operations, we contribute the technologies that we have developed or will develop on behalf of environmental conservation for the development of an affluent society on a more livable Earth.

We promote environmentally-conscious procurement by developing green procurement standards.