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Power Generator ‘s ULVAC offers a variety of electronic guns and power supplies that support evaporation deposition technology.

Power generator

As the basic performance is a matter of course, DCS series provides superior cost performance and is used in various applications. Combination use of the arc suppression unit, A2K, is effective well in reactive sputtering.

ULVAC EB guns for electron beam evaporation all use magnetic field deflection, and are structured to minimize contamination from the evaporated material. A wide lineup of models is available. The EGK Series is designed for low-capacity research applications, the EGL Series is for metal film production, and the EGO Series is for optical film production.

The RFS-N Series of RF power generators for plasma processes are available at 13.56MHz with 0.5kW, 1kW, 3kW, or 5kW output. These RF power generators have achieved a decrease in size and weight through the use of a high efficiency RF amplifier.These RF power generators are also equipped with an auto matching controller function, which allows for RF power generator power control and matching system control with the power generator unit itself.

EGN series is the easy maintenance electron beam evaporation source for metal evaporation which has flat top configuration without any structural object on the evaporating side of the metal material newly developed in consideration of maintainability.

EGP-1G is the cost-reduced electron beam gun for optical evaporation by simple structure of 180°deflecting beam method. Further more, high repeatability of beam position after maintenance was realized by using two locating faces configuration.

The HPS-N Series is a series of power generator that support electron beam evaporation sources and feature improvements in circuit stability and performance based on technologies we have accumulated over many years and our proven track record. When used in combination with the EGC-10GS EB Gun Controller, both EG guns for optical films and EB guns for metal films can be supported.

The DPG-10/DPG-20 are 10kW/20kW DC power generators for sputtering. They are made of reliable components and circuits. These highly reliable power generators have been optimized for plasma loads with a design that reflects our many years of knowledge that includes power generator applications.

The DPG-5P/10P are 5kW/10kW pulsed dc power generators for reactive sputtering. This power generator change the minus output voltage in to plus voltage, and discharge the storage electron voltage of target surface. By this, yield and throughput improvement is realized.

MFU-20K is a unit which converts the DC output into bipolar pulse output, by adding to ULVAC DC power generator (DPG series). It contributes to improved productivity and throughput at low cost.

The DPG-2/DPG-4 are 2 kW/4 kW DC power generators for sputtering. Repeatability is excellent because of high control accuracy