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Mechanical Booster Pump MBS Series

This is a vacuum pump that evacuates by synchronously rotating the two cocoon shape rotors in the casing in opposite directions.


Small type of roots type vacuum pump.
In the pressure area where the pumping speed of Sub pump decreases, the pumping speed can be greatly increased.

  • By adopting a DC brushless motor, it can be operated at an optimum rotational speed according to the load, so vacuum exhaust from atmospheric pressure is possible.
  • No oil leakage to the outside of the pump due to the magnetic coupling structure.
  • The pump’s internal seal uses a non-contact seal, which significantly reduces mechanical loss.
    (Power consumption is reduced by about 60% compared to the old model)
  • It is possible to operate with 100V system and 200V system by switching power supply inside the driver box.


  • Chemical, science experiment, Analyzer and Laser system.
  • Backing pumps for the electronic microscope.
  • Semiconductor equipments, sputtering equipments, vacuum evaporation equipments.
  • Vacuum dryer, freeze dryer.


※1:Pumping speed varies depends on pumping speed of backing pump.
※2:Measured by ionization vacuum gauge. Ultimate pressure varies depends on ultimate pressure of backing pump.
※3:Power supply plug and Power supply code are not included.

Corresponding certificate/Voltage

ModelApplicable standardCE
Declartion of confirmity





●:Standard、○:Option、-:Not Applicable
※TUV Certification: A high-quality product that complies with European standards as assessed by an international third party that conducts product safety testing and certification.


Cannot use mechanical booster vacuum pump with a unit, and combine it with a backing vacuum pump (Fore Pump) by all means.
Mechanical Booster Pump becomes design to use in an inline.
Fix flange of the outlet side, and install a pump in this flange.
Since pump oil bubbles at the time of starting when not operating initial operation and for a long period of time, please perform the exhaust gas for degassing with a backing vacuum pump.
Since operation in the atmospheric pressure neighborhood becomes the same grade as the exhaust speed of a backing vacuum pump, the feature of a booster is not demonstrated.
If pump oil exceeds the amount of regulations, oil will go into a rotor indoor part.
Please be sure to check that power supply voltage has agreed with the setting voltage of a pump.
The base for pump installations is not equipped. It becomes flange fixation.
The handle for pump carrying is not equipped.
Power cable and Unplug-preventive hardware is optional parts.

Dimension drawing


CAD data download(DXF)


Compression ratio


Pumping Speed Curves(ex)


Optional parts

Power cable
With 100-120V plug
Unplug preventive hardware
Power cable
100-120V without plug
Unplug preventive hardware
Power cable
200-240V with plug
Unplug preventive hardware
Power cable
200-240V without plug
Unplug preventive hardware
Unplug preventive hardware
Single item
Unplug preventive hardware
Single item
Electric voltage change connector
100-120V (Red)
for 100V range, standard accessories 
Electric voltage change connector
200-240V (Blue)
for 200V range, standard accessories 
Vacuum pump oil
70mL, standard accessories
 The specified electric voltage change connector is equipped in the case of pump purchase.