Leading the world with vacuum technology

Semiconductors for smart devices

Solar cells for photo voltaic applications

LCDs for Flat Panel Displays

MEMS devices for wearable sensors

Vacuum cooling for retaining freshness in agricultural crops

Vacuum freeze drying for food products

Vacuum freeze drying for improving quality of medicine

High – vacuum distillation
for farmaceuticals

Vacuum heat – treating furnaces for aircraft

Semiconductors for eco – car power

LED lightings for all kings of applications

Roll coaters for packaging

Vacuum Components

ULVAC, as a general manufacturer of vacuum equipment, also focuses energy on the development of components in order to offer a wide-range component lineup. ULVAC delivers all types of products ranging from components such as vacuum valves, flanges, and terminals, to vacuum pumps and measurement and analysis equipment.


Vacuum Equipments

ULVAC‘s base technology with vacuum technology at its core and related peripheral technologies have been combined through many years of R&D and improvements in manufacturing technology, enabling us now to deliver a very wide range of industrial manufacturing equipment for semiconductors, electronic parts, FPD, solar cells, and others.


R&D Equipment

Innovative and advanced vacuum technologies to blaze a trail for the
future. ULVAC has been providing all kinds of industries with vacuum
technology based products and materials essential for them under
the basic managerial philosophy of “aiming at contributing to the
evolution of industries and sciences by using vacuum technologies
and all peripheral technologies.


Customer Service

ULVAC does not just offer vacuum equipment. ULVAC and our group companies together offer a comprehensive range of services through “ULVAC CS Solutions” that ensure high quality customer service. From initial set-up and operation, field service, analysis, material and parts supply, to vacuum pump maintenance.


Product highlight