ULVAC Vietnam Representative Office

Small Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump GCD Series

GCD Series, direct drive, oil rotary vacuum pump is corrosion resistant for toxic and corrosive gases which is ideal for chemical, pharmaceutical applications. Surface of gas contacted parts are coated with hard plating. Three different sizes are available from 50L to 200L/min.


  • Chemical type of Oil rotary pump with surface treatment on the gas contact surface.
  • Connectable to oil filtration system.
  • Low noise and low vibration.
  • The backflow prevention mechanism prevents oil from flowing back to the vacuum chamber when it is stopped due to a power failure.
  • The exhaust speed is stable due to the installation of the forced oil supply mechanism.
  • Operation from atmospheric pressure is possible.
  • Easy connection with flanged parts and connection by knock pins on internal parts.


  • Semiconductor industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Post chemical-treatment drying
  • Pharmaceutical industry