ULVAC Vietnam Representative Office

Vacuum Component

ULVAC, as a general manufacture of vacuum equipment, also focuses energy on the development of components in order to offer a wide - range component lineup. ULVAC delivers all type of products ranging from components such as vacuum valves, flanges, and terminals, to vacuum pumps and measurement and analysis equipment.

Vacuum Pump

ULVAC vacuum pumps are developed based on abundant technology and experience in the vacuum field. In addition to Oil Rotary Vacuum Pumps, Dry Vacuum Pumps also have a lineup for all areas, conditions, and applications, including Roots, Diaphragms, and Pistons.

Small Vacuum Pump

ULVAC, as a general manufacturer of vacuum equipment, also focuses energy on the development of components in order to offer a wide-range component lineup.

Helium Leak Detector (HELIOT Series)

The HELIOT900 is our helium leak detector with; high speed pumping capability, user-friendly operation and guaranteed top performance in all kinds of leak testing situations.

Power Supply

Power Generator ‘s ULVAC offers a variety of electronic guns and power supplies that support evaporation deposition technology.

Process Gas Monitor (RGA)

“Qulee” (pronounced as “KLEE”), is ULVAC’s latest model for residual gas analysis and gas monitoring during process. Feedback from facility engineers in various production lines are incorporated in the new product design offering utmost simplicity.
The Qulee offers high accuracy and resolution even at high pressure (1Pa or less).

Vacuum Gauge

ULVAC vacuum gauges have been developed based on rich experience and technology in the vacuum field. From Pirani vacuum gauges to ionization vacuum gauges and ultra high vacuum gauges, in other words, from atmospheric pressure to ultra-high vacuum (10-12 Pa), we have a lineup of vacuum gauges for all industrial areas, measurement conditions, and applications.

Vacuum Valves

ULVAC provides various vacuum valves based on extensive technical knowledge. Use ULVAC’s valves for all atmospheric pressure through ultra high vacuum applications. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Vacuum Oil

When the vacuum pump oil is operated over a long period of time, its deterioration contributes to poor performance. Regularly check to see if the oil has decreased or if it is dirty and refill or replace it.

Oil Mistrap

The trap to eliminate oil smoke exhausted from oil rotary vacuum pump.When an oil rotary pump is started at atmospheric pressure, and operated during low vacuum operation, the pump oil is exhausted along with the exhaust gas that is being pumped.