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Small Vacuum Pump

ULVAC, as a general manufacturer of vacuum equipment, also focuses energy on the development of components in order to offer a wide-range component lineup.

Small Dry Vacuum Pump

DA / DAP / DAT Series

This is a vacuum pump that evacuates by the reciprocating motion of a rubber thin film (diaphragm). Simple structure and easy handling. DA series is a standard type.

DTC Series

Diaphragm Type Dry Vacuum Pumps DTC Series come in a small, clean form-factor ideal for use in the laboratory environment. Affordably priced, the DTC is the perfect solution for your lab.

DAU/DTU Series

 DAU/DTU series is a high vacuum type diaphragm pump from our product ranges and offers Pumping speed at 20L/min at 50Hz and 23L/min at 60Hz.

DOP Series

Rocking type piston vacuum pump creates vacuum by reciprocal-motion of cup packing inside the cylinder.

DIS / DISL Series

DIS/DISL scroll vacuum pump is a double wrap type which consists of 1 orbiting and 2 fixed scrolls. Operation from atmospheric pressure is possible. High ultimate pressure level is attainable. 

MDA Series

A portable aspirator with a built-in diaphragm dry vacuum pump. The Most suitable for decompression of rotary evaporator, centrifugal evaporator, vacuum filtration, etc.

RDA Series

This is a vacuum pump that evacuates by rotating the inside of the casing with two parallel rotors with a three-lobe cross section.

Small Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump

GLD Series

Small Oil Vacuum Pump GLD series features high perfomance, low vibration and noise and several functions such as ballast valve, oil-back-flow prevention mechanism, and large sized oil level gauge.  

GHD Series

The GHD is designed with a magnetically coupled motor to eliminate the problem of shaft seal leakage, and improve the life of the motor. Available in multiple sizes to accommodate the precise needs of your application.

GCD Series

This is a rotary blade type vacuum pump that uses lubricating oil. A vacuum pump with low noise, low vibration and high reliability. GCD series is a highly corrosion resistant type.

G Series

Low ultimate pressure. High performance type. Features gas ballast mechanism and back flow prevention mechanism.

Mechanical Booster Pump

MBS Series

This is a vacuum pump that evacuates by synchronously rotating the two cocoon shape rotors in the casing in opposite directions.