ULVAC Vietnam Representative Office

Vacuum Chamber Automatic Helium LEAK TESTING SYSTEM QYH-300 Series

Consist of: Vacuum chamber module, evacuation module, He charging & recovery module, pneumatic module, device & electrical control module, and mass spectrum leak detector etc.


  • Lowest detectable leak rate:1*10-8Pa.m3.S-1;
  • Each station performs automatic leak test
    alternatively, high utilization of auxiliary system;
  • Leak test sensitivity is high,can detect the
    overall leak rate of test part;
  • Can clear human factor interference,avoid of
    resulting missing leak test and false test;
  • Has remote monitoring and statistics analysis function;


Refrigeration industry: Whole unit of A/C, refrigerator
and freezer, their heat exchanger,compressor;
Automotive industry: Wheel hub,A/C heat exchanger,
A/C compressor, , vehicle parts etc.;
Other industry: Such as high pressure switch, valve
and fire extinguisher etc