ULVAC Vietnam Representative Office

Batch-type Sputtering Systems SV Series

Vertical batch-type sputter systems. Series models include the SV-200 disk stamper model, and carousel types for large-volume substrate processing.


  • SV-4540, 6040 and 9045 are carousel types that can load a large volume of substrates. They are ideal for small- to medium-scale production, or for low-volume production of many different substrate types.
  • SV-200 is a system specialized for disk stamper Ni deposition. It features an ultra-compact design, fully-automatic operation and high throughput.


  • Deposition of electrode films, insulating films or dielectric films on various substrates


Standard evacuation system8-inch cryopump12-inch cryopump12-inch cryopump16-inch cryopump
Final pressure6.7e-5Pa6.7e-5Pa6.7e-5Pa6.7e-5Pa
Deposition directionSideSideSideSide
Deposition area uniformity Static RotaryΦ200mm ± 5%L300mm ± 10%L300mm ± 10%L400mm ± 10%
Substrate heatingNone250°C250°C250°C
Control systemAutomaticAutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
Options (except SV-200)Turbo pumpDrainage cold electrode
Oil diffusion pumpAPC mechanism
Simultaneous multi-source depositionSubstrate reversing mechanism
Down depositionReactive sputter
Conventional cathode 
Cathode for strong magnets 
RF etch cleaning (SV-4540) 
Bias mechanism (SV-4540)