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Horizontal Type Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace FHH series

FHH series are used for various purposes such as quenching, tempering, sintering and brazing of various metals. Chamber configuration can be multiplied up to 3 chambers by adopting fork carry system.


  • Maximum temperature1350ºC,Operation temperature800 to 1150ºC
  • Temperature uniformity is within ± 5ºC at 1150ºC
  • Keeping the heating chamber in vacuum for high quality and repeatability of products.
  • Carrier gas system is implemented to minimize metal evaporation.
  • At cooling process, heating chamber is not cooled so that power consumption can be saved.
  • The heating chamber is kept in vacuum to prevent from oxidizing so that lifetime for internal parts of the heating chamber can be longer.
  • Water-cooling jacket construction contributes clean work environment.


  • Quenching, Tempering : Various machine parts, Dies.
  • Sintering : Superhard tools, Magnet.
  • Brazing : Heat exchanger, machine parts.


System / Type45607590120Remarks
PerformanceSizeUniform hot zone 〔㎜〕Width4506007509001200 
Loading capacity 〔㎏〕20040065010002000including tray’s weight
TemperatureMax. temperature1350ºC 
Operation temperature800 to 1150ºC 
Temperature uniformity1150ºC ± 5ºCFive points measure ment at no load
CoolingGas cooling93 kPa (700 Torr)30minutes or lessfrom 1150ºC to 150ºC when standard specimen is charged.
190 kPa (1.9㎏/ cm2 G)20 minutes or less
Handling time to oil quenching pit12sec15sec20sec 
VacuumUltimate vacuum10-1Pa(10-3Torr) order. *High vacuum 10-3Pa (10-5 Torr) order is option.At degassed and empty conditions
Operating pressure133 to13Pa (1〜10-1Torr) 
Pump-down time10minutes or less15minutes or lessfrom the atmosphere to 6.5Pa (5×10-2 Torr) at no load
Leak rate 〔Pa・m3 /S〕3 × 10-44 × 10-44 × 10 -45 × 10 -4by pressure rise method
UtilityPower require -ment 〔kVA〕GH*65101161209303AC 200/220V (90& 120 type, 400/440V) 50/60Hz 3φ
GHL*85130223300429(Primary power requirement)
Cooling water require ment 〔kVA〕GH*357916Pressure 2.5/cm2G (250KPa) Temper ature 30ºC or less ※25ºC or less : Oil diffusion pump type
Compressed air require ment 〔Nm3 /min〕Some7㎏/ cm2G (700 KPa)
Carrier gas require ment 〔L/min〕1.5234.56N2 gas (N.T.P)
Cooling gas require ment 〔m3/times〕2.74.561018N2 gas (N.T.P)
Quenching oil require ment 〔m31.83.669 
Quenching oil heater 〔kW〕15244872 
Floor space require ment 〔m22chamber type3.4× 5.73.9× 7.44.6× 8.75.5× 97× 12.5W×L
3chamber type3.4× 8.13.7× 9.44.6× 10.65.5× 127× 17
Gtype PHG3.5× 0.53.9× 0.55× 0.55.5× 0.56.5× 0.5H×D
Ltype GHL3.5× 1.04× 1.45× 1.55.5× 1.86.5× 2.4

* Chamber used:P=Preparation(loading/unloading)Chamber,H=Heating Chamber, G=Gas Cooling Chamber,L=Oil Cooling Chamber