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Hot Roller Type Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace FHHn series

FHH series are used for various purposes, such as tempering, sintering, brazing of various types of metal.


  • Adopting hot roller carry system, chamber configuration can be multiplied by combining each unitized chambers.
  • System configuration is selectable depending on process and throughput, such as preparation chamber(vacuum/atmosphere),preheating chamber(operation 500ºC),heating chamber(operation 1150ºC), cooling chamber.
  • Adopting double gate valve, each chamber is completely isolated. A vacuum/atmosphere is completely isolated.
  • Units can be added depending on process and throughput.
  • Inline process is possible, as below.“Loading→Heating 1→Cooling 1→Heating 2→Cooling 2→Unloading”.
  • Adopting six sectional temperature control system heater(option), temperature uniformity can be 1150ºC±3ºC.


  • Vacuum heat treatment : Heat treatment of various metals, brazing.
  • Sintering : Magnet.


System / Type306060906150Remarks
SizeUniform hot zone (㎜)Width300600600 
Loading capacity (㎏)230500800including tray’s weight
TemperatureMax. temperaturePreheating600ºC 
Operation temperaturePreheating500ºC 
Temperature uniformityPreheating500±5ºCFive points measurement at no load
Heating (special)1100±3ºCHigh temperature
type is optional
CoolingGas coolingStandard80kPaGselectable Ar.N2
Pressurized type190kPaG
VacuumUltimate vacuumStandard10-1Pa orderAt degassed and empty conditions
High vacuum type10-3Paorder
Operation pressureStandard(1)1Pa〜10Pa(1) At low vacuum mode





(2)At carrier gas mode

Standard(2)10Pa to 100Pa
High vacuum type10-2Pa to10-1Pa
Pump-down time
Loading10min or lessfrom atmosphere to 10Pa or less at no load
Cooling10min or less
Cooling10min or less
Leak rate
Loading4×10-4or lessby pressure rise method
Preheating4×10-4or less
Heating2×10-4or less
Cooling4×10-4or less
3chambers type
(Preheating×1 Heating×1 Cooling×1)
Power requirement (kVA)210300480Primary power requirement
Cooling water requirement (m3/hr)121518Temperature:20 to 30ºC
Compressed air requirement (Nm3/min)100011001100 
Carrier gas requirement (L/min)8080200Limit of flowmeter
Coling gas requirement (m3/times)4912At the condition of pressurized cooling (190kPa)
Floor space requirement (m2)Width8.51012 
5chambers type
(Preheating×2 Heating×2 Cooling×1)
Power requirement (kVA)390425750Primary power requirement
Cooling waterrequirement (m3/hr)202530Temperature:20 to 30ºC
Compressed air requirement(Nm3/min)100011001100 
Carrier gas requirement (L/min)120160300Limit of flowmeter
Coling gas requirement (m3/times)4911.7At the condition of pressurized cooling (190kPa)
Floor space requirement (m2)Width8.51012