ULVAC Vietnam Representative Office


Vacuum Pump Servicing

Our customer support division consists of trained engineers/technicians capable of providing a full service for many kinds of vacuum equipments and vacuum systems including annual overhaul, maintenance, repair and refurbishment services.

Our engineers are fully trained to carry out servicing and repairs for all types of vacuum pumps. We can service not only ULVAC pumps but also pumps by other manufacturers like as Shinko Seiki, Edwards, Leybold, Ebara, Osaka…

We aim to become one of the leading companies in the field of vacuum pump services in the Southeast Asia region.

Equipment Installation

ULVAC offers complete installation service. We are able to install many kinds of vacuum systems such as Sputtering, PVD/CVD, Etching systems, Heat treatment Furnaces and so on.

We also provide the training for our customers to handle system control.