ULVAC Vietnam Representative Office

About Us

ULVAC Vietnam Representative Office 
was established in 2010 and we are the representative for ULVAC Singapore in Vietnam. We expand the market and supports to the customers who need to purchase Ulvac products or need to support for installation, overhaul.

   We not only sell products but also provide optimal solutions that create real value for customers. 

Vacuum Component

Vacuum Equipments


Vacuum Furnace System

ULVAC offers vacuum furnaces (for melting, thermal treatment, and CVD) used in general industrial fields and semiconductor/electronic device fields.

Refrigerant Charging Machine

Charging Machine is a perfect solution for high for high accuracy and fast speed charging,integrating multiple advantaged and advanced technology.

Helium Leak Testing Machine

ULVAC has leak detectors available not only for leak tests for vacuum systems but also for other applications ranging from packing package leak detection to the special detection of gas leaks.

Vacuum Evaporation System

This equipment, employing vertical double door open mechanism is applied to deposit Al reflection film and superposition SIOx protection film on the reflection board of automotive lighting parts and decoration. Perform film metallization on the PC,BMC,ABS metal materials.

Our Service

System Installation
Vacuum Pump Servicing