ULVAC Vietnam Representative Office

Dry Etching System for Production NE-5700/NE-7800

Dry etching system for high volume production with good cost performance and wide selection of tool configuration.


  • In addition to ICP type chamber, NLD plasma etching chamber, Ashing chamber or CCP chamber can be selected.
  • Thanks to STAR Electrode (ULVAC Patent) and various temperature control functions, good process repeatability and stability can be achieved.
  • Low downtime thanks to simple maintenance structure.
  • Full process support from ULVAC Institute for Semiconductor and Electronics Technologies.


  • Compound semiconductor (LED, LD and RF devices), Power devices (IGBT, SiC)
  • Metal, Dielectric, Polymer, Gate electrode etching
  • Ferro electric material, Noble metal etching
  • Ferro magnetic material etching