ULVAC Vietnam Representative Office

Non-volatile Material Etching Tool ULHITETMNE-7800H

ULHITETM NE-7800H is the cluster type etching system of low-pressure and high-density plasma for NVM materials(difficult etch materials, used for FeRAM, MRAM, ReRAM, CBRAM, PCRAM etc.),dielectric, noble metals and Magnetic Layers.


  • High-temperature (up to 450ºC) substrate electrode.
  • Mechanism for reducing deposition of dielectric film on RF input window
  • High etching rate
  • Outstanding stability of Pt/Ir/magnetic films etching
  • ISMTM (Inductively Super Magnetron) high-density plasma source.


  • FeRAM, MRAM, ReRAM, CBRAM, PcRAM, etc.


System configurationCassette chamber/auto-loader
Transfer chamber
Etching chamber
Preheating chamber (option)
Ashing chamber (option)
Supported substrate sizes6/8 inches
Film typesFerroelectric/high-k materials, magnetic materials, electrode materials, other
Uniformity within substrate surface±5% max.
Plasma sourceISM (ICP with magnetic field)
Substarate electrode temperatureUp to 400ºC±5ºC
Anti-deposition measuresFaraday shield mechanism, Top plate heating mechanism, Deposition shield heating mechanism, etc
Process recipe editingMulti-step type