ULVAC Vietnam Representative Office

Compact Sputter ACS-4000

Compact sputtering system is available for research and development of multi layer thin film, compound materials or other devices, using automatic process operation by PC. Also more large size substrate (4 inch dia.) than ever system is available.


  • Easy maintenance by hinged flange on the top of chamber.
  • 2 inch dia. LTS cathodes of 3 sets are equipped for standard spec. Substrate is available for 4 inch dia.
  • System is operated automatically by PC, to put the process recipe.
  • Conforcal sputtering system for muiti layer film or alloy film process.
  • Foot space is deducted by compact electric tower design.


  • MRAM, magnetic sensor devices
  • Pilot production of discrete devices for electrode
  • Research and development for new materials
  • For Multi purpose of experience