ULVAC Vietnam Representative Office

Single-substrate Sputtering Systems SMD Series

The SMD Series are single-substrate sputtering systems for deposition of films such as metal films and ITO films. ULVAC has delivered a large number of these systems, for use in a wide range of production environments. ULVAC responds rapidly to feedback from production sites to improve the reliability of these models.


  • Substrate-only transfer and side deposition method enable low particle generation.
  • Space-saving design
  • Individual substrates can easily be managed using parameters such as deposition conditions.
  • Different cathodes are available for deposition of different substances.
  • Wide range of deposition processes are supported, based on ULVAC’s abundant experience and data.


  • Thin-film transistors (TFTs)


Substrate size (mm)730 X 9201200 X 13001300 X 1500
Chamber configuration1) Loading/unloading chambers2
2) Heating chambers1
3) Transfer chambers1
4) Sputter chambers42 (Up to 2 cathodes)2 (Up to 3 cathodes)2 (Up to 2 cathodes)
High vacuum evacuation systemCryopump
Substrate transfer system1-level arm2-level arm2-level arm