ULVAC Vietnam Representative Office

CVD System


The ULGLAZE Series are Expanding Thermal Plasma CVD (ETP-CVD) systems for deposition of scratch and abrasion resistant coatings onto polycarbonate using monomer and O2 reagents.

CMD Series

The CMD Series are single-substrate CVD systems for deposition of silicon oxide and nitride films using SiH4 or TEOS. A high-frequency (27.12 MHz) power supply enables high-quality film deposition.

CME-200E/400 Series

CME-200E/400 is the most suitable model in the PE-CVD series production system for deposition of Si films with application as Insulator or barrier layers.


CC-200/400 is a compact and easy-to-use system for R&D use and production.

CN-CVD-400 Series

ULVAC developed the technique for growing carbon nanotube vertically and selectively on a substrate for the first time in the world. By using the microwave plasma CVD technique, ULVAC has succeeded in mass production of nanotubes with high purity. Drastic improvement of performance can be expected in many fields, including cells and storage of hydrogen.


Gemini-200,300 Series

Gemini is to equip with a variety of different process modules on the same transfer core which makes reducing spare parts by adopting the same common parts as much as possible as well as improves usability with the same operation panel between these different modules. This improves further efficiency for manufacturing process of advanced electronics.